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Uniform Solutions for Organizations


In order to provide quality products as well as brand value for businesses and organizations through high-quality and affordable uniforms, MYONE Uniform Company would like to offer our clients Smart Solutions that bring practical benefits, saving up to 30% of investment costs.

With our smart solutions, we offer

  • Professional consulting services
  • Free design and sample making as required
  • Free printing or embroidering 5cm2 monochrome logo
  • Measuring service at client’s premises
  • Thoughtful customer care
  • Free shipping and delivery
  • Special incentives for bulk orders
  • Many special gifts for loyal customers

Benefits of MYONE’s uniform products

  • Beautiful uniforms for making a good impression and attracting clients
  • Beautiful and symbolic design, contributing positively to brand promotion
  • Outstanding and striking colors, suitable for brand identity
  • Durable products save costs for replacing new uniforms
  • Premium materials and sub-materials, giving owners comfort and confidence
  • Fine seams, professional techniques, and standardized forms bringing chic and class to their owners
  • Beautiful packaged products to increase their value as gifts
  • Good prices, quick delivery and many special aftersales incentives.
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