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Diversely designed and lavish receptionist uniform

To choose a right receptionist uniform which is in sync with organization’s style and culture  is not easy. Hope these designs could help.

Do you really like to wear office uniform ?

Office uniform has become popular with enterprises. In addition to advantages of wearing uniform, there’s awkward stories at workplace.

Building business culture from office uniform

One of the most important elements that creat the image of company is office uniforms which their staff wearing.

Staff uniform – Company’s appearance

Myone gives a guarantee of satisfaction not only for your enterprise but for the staff who directly wear uniform also and helps your enterprise build up a high-class working style.

Good tips to remove stain from clothing

Interesting tips to completely remove stains such as coffee, tea, wine, ink spill, gum, sweat,… from clothing.

Where can you get various high-quality fabric for uniform ?

Come to us, you can get deluxe uniforms with the best quality, price and various designs.

3 Reasons to embroider logo on office uniform

Embroidery logo has some advantages over printed logo. Consider these advantages to decide which one is the best for you uniform.

Direction to choose high-quality meterial for T-shirt uniforms

Tips to choose the right material for uniform t-shirt which bring up comfort and confidence.

What are the benefits of wearing uniform at workplace ?

What are the benefits of uniform? What’s the role uniform plays in building company’s culture, enviroment and working style.

The role of electrostatic workwear

Electrostatic workwear has played an important role in occupational safety which is every factory, plant and industrial company concern.

Making quick uniform order progress

MYONE specializes in supplying office uniforms, spa, coffee shop, restaurant uniforms…; giving free advise and designing with fast professional service.

Chef hats and headwear for professional restaurant

Hat is an essential accessory that keep cook’s hair in order and build a beautiful image of professional chef.

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