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Office Uniforms

MYONE Business Uniform Company offers prestigious and professional solutions for uniforms with assured quality, competitive prices, fast service, and many incentives for bulk orders.

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Bank Uniforms

MYONE is a prestigious, quality tailor of bank uniforms. We offer reliable, professional solutions for bank uniforms with beautiful designs, competitive prices, and absolutely assured quality.

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Hotel Uniforms

MYONE Fashion’s uniforms for restaurants and hotels are always assured in terms of quality, schedule, beautiful design, class, and reasonable prices – with free design and shipping offered across the country.

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Other uniforms

Along with the creation of a professional style at work so as to build trust among customers and partners with high ethical standards and professional behavior, focusing on uniforms is also necessary and very important in all fields of work.

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Workwear Uniforms

Uniforms for workers and workwear are made with guaranteed high quality, comfortable, pleasant designs, convenient, competitive prices, plus many incentives for bulk orders.

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We do provide custom tailored T-shirts as required, with fresh designs, quality materials, and reasonable prices that suit the requirements of clients in any field.

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MYONE fashion designer and clothing manufacturer uniform top senior in Vietnam.
We are always ready to provide the professional uniform solutions , optimized for each business , and international organizations .
With a team of design professionals , quality management over 17 years of professional experience & equipment , modern production lines in the field of high fashion garments for export to European markets , Japan and the U.S. as Zara , H & M , Marks & Spencer , Tesco , Uniqlo , Alfred Dunner ... Myone brings confidence to the costume design class , form design standards , European quality.
We have dedication and effort creating uniform high -end products bearing high applicability , luxury , modern and elegant , contribute to brand value and product value for customers.

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